Situated in the yard of the multifunctional arty center of Fabrika, POPOLO is one of the most popular gathering spots for both locals and foreigners, who come together to enjoy delicious Italian pizza or have a snack while sipping on a wide selection of local craft beers and drinks. Consistent with the new name, which means “people” in Italian, the brand identity aims to evoke the iconic Italian design of the 1950s that epitomized “bellavita.” As a result, the identity revolves around a custom-produced logotype whose circles resemble pizzas and collectively form a distinctive shape. The logo is complemented by two all-caps typefaces – one for English and one for Georgian – used for the menu and all major collateral materials.

To enhance the experience, circles and grids are superimposed over solid mustard, selva green, and deep red, completing this timeless design.